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Last edited by Joel Brock Aug 25, 2014 GM Report Support

Download the GM Report Support compiled document: 

GM Report Support Compilation.docx


Download SAMPLE Monitoring Reports:  

CBLD sample B1 fin con report QUARTERLY.docx

CBLD sample B1 fin con report ANNUAL.docx

CBLD sample B2 planning report.docx

Watch Recordings and Download Sample Policies:







CBLD GM Report Support Background

In 2005, GMs asked for support and the opportunity to collaborate in order to create more effective and efficient management reports for their boards. In 2006 and 2007, in-person workshops were held, enthusiastically named MonitoringFests!, as part of corridor meetings, a General Assembly, small regional gatherings. Two online webinar series focused on the board/GM relationship, reporting to the board, and the sample reports. In March 2008, the process concluded at a NCGA corridor conference with the distribution of a set of sample reports responding to the common limitation policies used by boards using Policy Governance. During this same period, there were also workshops, conversations and advancements made with Ends policy reporting.


This project is funded by co-ops participating in the CBLD program. For more information about CBLD (Cooperative Board Leadership Development): or contact Mark Goehring.

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