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Creating a Development Budget: Sources and Uses

recorded October 15, 2008

Bill Gessner, CDS

Learning objectives:

  • the process and format for creating initial drafts of a Sources & Uses Development Budget
  • how the Sources & Uses budget can be integrated with the three stages of the start-up process
  • how CDS consulting services can guide the creation and modification of a Sources & Uses budget.
  • the relationship of the Sources & Uses budget to the financial pro forma - the primary tool for determining financial feasibility.

Related files: (click on the file to download)

Below is a pdf file of the webinar slides that were used during the session.

  • FC500 6 Creating a Development Budget webinar slides Oct 08.pdf FC500 6 Creating a Development Budget webinar slides Oct 08.pdf

Related links:

  • Sources & Uses template, start-ups, Oct 2008.xls Sources & Uses template, start-ups, Oct 2008.xls 


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