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Last edited by Joel Brock Mar 12, 2011 Planning your member loan campaign


recorded January 7, 2009

Bill Gessner, CDS

Learning objectives:

an overview understanding of what is involved in planning and implementing a member loan program
greater understanding of how to organize a member loan program
the role of professional consulting support and legal counsel in the planning and implementing of a member loan drive

    Related files:

    pdf file of the slides: FC500 9 Member Loans Jan 07 09.pdf FC500 9 Member Loans Jan 07 09.pdf

    notes regarding the recording...

    1. Due to technical difficulties the first 5 minutes are silent. Just slide the progress bar to about 5 minutes and skip the quiet time (unless you and your group needs practice with silence).

    Please allow up to 5 minutes for video to load in your browser.



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