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Last edited by Joel Brock Mar 9, 2011 Capitalizing your co-op

Tami Bauers and Bill Gessner
Tuesday, March 2


  • What are the various ways to capitalize your co-op?
  • What factors should you consider?
  • How can you implement a plan to achieve the various sources of capital?
  • What are some effective strategies for working with primary (institutional) lenders?


Workshop materials:

FC500 Capitalizing Your Co-op March 2 FINAL.pdf FC500 Capitalizing Your Co-op March 2 FINAL.pdf

Sources  Uses template, start-ups, Feb 2010.xls Sources Uses template, start-ups, Feb 2010.xls

Member Loan Toolbox.pdf Member Loan Toolbox.pdf

Member Loan Toolbox, Final.doc Member Loan Toolbox, Final.doc





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