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Last edited by Joel Brock Mar 11, 2011 Developing and managing a timeline

Bill Gessner
Tuesday, March 30


Guest Presenters:

Mac Lemann, Board Chair, New Orleans Food Co-op

Bonnie Hudspeth, Project Coordinator, Monadnock Community Market, Keene, NH

  • What are the techniques and action steps you can take to develop, manage and revise a timeline that will guide your efforts?
  • How do you integrate your start-up project with the “Four Cornerstones in Three Stages” development model?
  • How to manage a timeline that achieves accountability avoids unrealistic expectations and builds momentum?


Workshop materials:

 FC500 Developing and Managing a Timeline March 30 webinar FINAL.pdf

 FC500 Timeline example for Webinar March 30, 2010.xls

 Monadnock Community Market Timeline, 3.17.10.doc



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